The Nibelungs

Worms and the Nibelungs are inextricably intertwined. Most of the scenes in the heroic epic in verse written down around 1200 by an unknown poet take place in and around Worms. The protagonists centring around Siegfried the dragon slayer have always played an important role as part of the city’s history. The Nibelung city of Worms is where they have their visible home.

On the Nibelung trail

Das Hagendenkmal an der Rheinpromenade (Foto: Bernward Bertram)
Das Hagendenkmal an der Rheinpromenade (Foto: Bernward Bertram)

At various places in Worms there is information on the Song of the Nibelungs:

The Nibelung Festival and the multi-media Nibelung Museum allow you to experience the poem and bring its heroes to life.

The Hagen Monument and the Siegfried Fountain immortalize in Worms two important figures in the saga. The Song of the Nibelungs Fountain in the pedestrian zone depicts scenes from the saga. “Siegfried’s Entry into Worms”, a
sandstone relief, can be admired in the entrance lobby of the city library, the “Haus der Münze”. The tumulus on Torturmplatz is an artist’s representation of Siegfried’s Grave.
Not to be forgotten: the monumental tapestry on the wall of the theatre (WORMSER Theater).

Outside the cathedral, you can admire the setting for the dispute between the two queens Kriemhild and Brünhild. The Siegfried Stone, a huge and heavy boulder, lies on the west side of Worms Cathedral. Is this perhaps the stone that was flung over the cathedral to its present position by Siegfied, hero of the Nibelung saga?

You will see dragons everywhere in the city, whether as statues, in coats of arms or on the façades of buildings.

The society with a scientific interest in the saga is the Nibelungenlied-Gesellschaft 

If you look carefully when you walk round Worms, you can discover a great deal more, for example buildings in the “Nibelung Style”.

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Guided tours 

Kinderführung durch die historische Innenstadt (Foto: Bernward Bertram)
Kinderführung durch die historische Innenstadt (Foto: Bernward Bertram)

Public guided tours (only in German)

On the Nibelung trail

Daily during the Nibelungen Festival
(July 15 - 31, 2022)
Time: 3 p.m
Meeting point: Cathedral (south portal)

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Guided tours for groups

On the Nibelung trail

From St. Peter’s Cathedral along the Nibelung route

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