Synagoge mit Synagogengarten. Foto: B. Bertram
Synagoge mit Synagogengarten. Foto: B. Bertram

The Synagogue Compound and Mikveh

UNESCO-World Heritage

For centuries, this was the centre of uninterrupted Jewish life. The former Jewish quarter has been largely preserved. The imposing Rashitor adorns a very well preserved part of the city wall in the quarter.

Synagoge in Worms
Synagoge in Worms

In 1034, the first synagogue was built in Worms. A new building was erected in 1174/75. The architectural style of the Worms' synagogue, a hall with central columns, served as a model for many synagogues in Europe, for example in Regensburg, Vienna, Prague and Krakow. In 1212/13, the first known women's school in Europe was built as an annex. In 1626, the Rashi-Yeshiva was built as a teaching house, as well as the vestibule the women's school. Also oon the compound: the mikveh, built in 1185/86. 

Currently closed. Mikveh Worms

The synagogue was destroyed in the November pogrom of 1938. Already at the end of the 1940s, an initiative was formed to rebuild the place of worship. The Worms synagogue, which was recovered after the Shoah, was reopened in 1961 amid great public interest and not without preceding controversial discussions. The building, like the synagogue courtyard and the mikveh, is owned by the Jewish Community of Mainz. For many years, services have again been celebrated on holidays or Shabbat. In addition, events such as concerts are held in the synagogue.
Information at: ShUM-Stätten Speyer, Worms, MainzJewish Community Mainz

The Mikveh: 9 meters in the earth
The Mikveh in Worms, which dates back to 1185/86, was built after the model of the ritual bath in Speyer. It is similar in construction, but a bit smaller. By a staircase dwindling down, one reaches an anteroom, from which another staircase leads down to the plunge pool.
Unfortunately, the Mikwe in Worms had to be closed in November 2016 due to building research and subsequent renovation work.
You can experience a visit through a website:  (all texts copyright ShuM-Cities)

Address, opening hours & contact

Entrance: Synagogenplatz
Hintere Judengasse 4
67547 Worms
Synagogue in Google Maps

November to March:
Daily, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
April to October: daily,
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

On some Saturdays or other festive days, the Jewish Community holds services and the Synagogue is then closed to the public. Please do inform about holidays under:
Jewish Holidays

Jewish Museum in Rashi-House
Hintere Judengasse 6
67547 Worms
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Telephone: (+49 62 41) 8 53 - 47 07
E-Mail : stdtrchvwrmsd

Entrance free!

important note

For religious reasons, male Jews wear headgear in the synagogue. We therefore generally ask male visitors to wear a headgear as well. This does not have to be a kippa, it's fine to wear a hat, a cap or a baseball cap. Without a headgear, a visit for male guests is not possible.

Do you have any questions?

The team at the Tourist Information will be pleased to help:

Tourist Information
Neumarkt 14
67547 Worms

Phone: +49 (0) 6241 853-7306

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