Wein & Fingerfood im Heylshofpark
Wein & Fingerfood im Heylshofpark

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Did you know that Worms belongs to Rheinhessen, Germany’s largest wine-producing region? You can sample the wine from the best-known vineyards in the city and the outlying districts at a winery or in one of the trendy vinotheques. How about visiting one of the wine festivals that are typical of Rheinhessen? The Backfischfest in Worms, which takes place every year in August, is especially well known.

Worms is the third largest wine-producing community in Germany. And the city is also among the best when it comes to quality. Well-known vineyards such as “Liebfrauenstift-Kirchenstück” and “St. Georgenberg”, one of the oldest Riesling vineyards anywhere, are inside the city borders.

Tradition lives on: the re-activation of the vineyard “Luginsland” and the softly splashing Vintners’ Fountain (Winzerbrunnen) in the pedestrian zone. There you can read a flattering quote from Victor Hugo: “Indeed, I would come to Worms just for three glasses of its wine.”

„Liebfrauenstift -Kirchenstück“ – a pinnacle of wine culture

Liebfrauenstift Kirchenstück
Liebfrauenstift Kirchenstück

The earliest record of the famous wine from Worms as “Lieben Frauen Milch” dates from 1744. The famous vineyards once belonged to the church as part of the nearby Capuchin (Franciscan) monastery. In the course of secularization, the vineyards were bought by Peter Joseph Valckenberg. Some of them are still owned by his descendants, who also own the winery of the same name. The famous Liebfrauenmilch (the English name is often “Liebfraumilch”) was originally produced only here with grapes from this historic vineyard. Unfortunately, the name became adopted for all Rhenish wines.

If you want to sample the original “Liebfrauenmilch” today, look out for wine with "Liebfrauenstift-Kirchenstück" on the label as the name of the vineyard. The wineries Gutzler, Schembs, Spohr and Weingut am Dom use parts of this vineyard.

Historic vineyard Luginsland

historische Weinlage Luginsland an der Stadtmauer
historische Weinlage Luginsland an der Stadtmauer

Luginsland is today the name of a street in Worms quite near the cathedral and the youth hostel and right by the city wall. Here, opposite the Jewish cemetery “Holy Sands” and where the ring of ramparts makes a turn, there was a tower – Luginsland – in the 13th century. This tower marked the south-western corner of the city fortifications.
The historic vineyard Luginsland, still cultivated today by the winery Weingut am Dom, can be found along the city wall (Andreasstraße at the corner with Willy-Brandt-Ring).

Wine-growing region Rheinhessen

Weinreben im Wonnegau
Weinreben im Wonnegau

Worms is in Rheinhessen, Germany’s largest wine-growing region. The Riesling wines are sensational. Other wines include Silvaner as a classic grape variety, Weißburgunder (pinot blanc) and Grauburgunder (pinot gris), and as a joker Scheurebe.

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